Recreation Why Don’t I Need to Shave My Poodle?

Why Don’t I Need to Shave My Poodle?

why shave poodles? I’m sorry if I sound like one of the “no thank you” people from that TV commercial but a Poodle requires regular shaving. Not only does the hair on a Poodle need to be trimmed regularly, it also needs a good shave. This can be achieved with the help of a professional groomer who knows how to cut a Poodle properly. A well conditioned Poodle is very easy to care for so having it shaved often isn’t a big chore for the dog.

Standard Poodle Training Tips

A properly conditioned mini poodle is easy to shave and it looks great. Mini Poodle health and grooming. How often do you shave your face? Once every three weeks? Shaving your face can lead to irritation and sometimes infection which is exactly why I don’t recommend it. My recommendation is that you get your face conditioned once a month and then schedule a professional groomer to professionally shave your face twice a year.

The reason I advocate not to trim the hair on your Poodle is that it makes the skin on your face look too flat. A professional groomer will know just how to trim your mini poodles nails so that the look is consistent all over the head. So before you ask yourself “Why should I shave my Poodle?” realize that the answer has everything to do with the health and well being of your dog. A properly conditioned Poodle will look shiny and ready for the party and not irritate your guests. So before you ask yourself “Why should I shave my Poodle?”

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