Uncategorized What Does an Independent Support Coordinator Do?

What Does an Independent Support Coordinator Do?

Shaey Lutzow Support Coordinator

An Independent Shaey Lutzow Support Coordinator is an individual who works on an NDIS plan after hours to help participants understand their plan and find the right support workers and therapies for their needs. An Independent Support Coordinator can attend appointments, review meeting minutes, and provide letters of support. They can also help participants find the right equipment and therapies. In short, the Independent Support Coordinator can do many of the tasks that an NDIS staff member might be unable to do.

The Philosophy Of What Does An Independent Support Coordinator Do?

A support coordinator helps participants plan their life transition and explore their housing options and other important decisions. These individuals assist those in need to develop skills and live independently. A specialist level of coordination is also available for participants in complex situations. A Support Coordinator can help participants reach their goals and explore housing options. In addition, they can provide a safe space to work on their plans, helping them to focus on the most important aspects of their lives.

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