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Online Gaming and Social Networking

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Online games are those that can be played on a personal computer, usually using a modem and a browser. An online game is typically a video game which is either largely or completely played over the Internet or some other interactive computer network. Most online games were originally designed as word games, since the majority of users will know how to use a keyboard and mouse and interact with windows and other virtual applications. While most of today’s online games now have very high-end, very accurate and very lifelike graphics, many online games still utilize the same basic rules of traditional text-based role playing games. The difference between a typical online game and an online flash game, for example, is that the rules of the online game generally dictate interactions that cannot be performed online otherwise (for example, in a role play web site the interaction between a player and another character in the game world is impossible). Useful stuff!


There are many benefits to playing online games and one of the biggest benefits is the ability to experience a completely virtual environment. Since most online games are multiplayer games, meaning that you can virtually travel to a realm other than the physical location where the game is hosted, you are given the opportunity to engage in real-life social interaction with other players. These social environments are becoming more common as more people realize that the only way that they can continue to interact with each other effectively while in their own virtual environments is by creating relationships in the virtual worlds that they are in. By interacting within these virtual worlds, the players are learning how to work together in a socially responsible way, building their skills and bonds within the virtual worlds rather than within a limited social environment within their physical lives.


The popularity of online games is growing at an exponential rate, with more people from all walks of life playing them on a regular basis, both as a form of recreational activity and a means of reducing stress and improving their overall well being. The use of online game platforms to create social networks within which people can interact in an interactive manner has also made online gaming an increasingly important medium for people who are trying to help solve problems that do not have easy solutions within the traditional school classrooms or work places. As technology progresses, these types of social interaction platforms are only increasing in functionality. If you want to play an online game, you should consider the social interaction opportunities that a computer network offers you.

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