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Drug Testing Laboratory Methods

A drug testing laboratory is a specialized scientific analysis of an individual biological sample, such as hair, urine, saliva, blood, and/or oral fluid /blood, to determine the existence or absence of specific parent substances or their metabolites. Most commonly, drug testing laboratories use drug screening devices like drug pens, vials, quovius cartridges, blister kits, and other devices that generate specific amounts of analytes for drug testing . In recent years, a variety of new analytical methods have been developed and are being used in drug testing. Among these methods are the following:

Most commonly drug testing laboratories use drug screening devices like drug pens

Blood drug screen tests are conducted on individuals who voluntarily submit to drug testing. Typically, drug testing involves the use of a drug-coagulation assay, in which platelets are used to create a blood film from the samples of dried blood. The platelets are then incubated with medications (anti-cancer agents or antineoplastic agents) for two or three days. If the drugs are found in the screen positive clumps, then further testing is necessary.

Breathalyzer drug testing is performed on individuals at random for the purpose of determining the drug use, in public places like libraries and hospitals. Under current legislation, it is considered unlawful to perform these tests in public places, except in cases where drug testing is performed in laboratories. These tests can only be performed by law enforcement officers, except in cases where police suspect that the person has consumed a controlled substance in the past. Generally, if you are a suspect in any of these drug testing investigations, you will need to hire a private drug testing lawyer to represent your case.

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