Day: March 18, 2021

How To Get A House Valuation For Divorce PurposesHow To Get A House Valuation For Divorce Purposes

house valuation for divorce purposes

If you are asking “how to get a house valuation for divorce purposes” then you may have to dig deep and research the subject further. If you are like many people out there who have to do this with their soon to be ex-spouse, you may not be able to fully understand the processes involved in house valuation. The important thing to remember is that the house must be sold at or close to market value. If you try to haggle on the price too much or try to offer your spouse something that is below the market value of the house, then you are going to drive him/her crazy and may make them want to go through with the divorce. However, if you ask the right questions, set realistic goals, know what your ex-spouse is willing to offer, and know what to ask in these negotiations, then you can have a much better chance of negotiating a fair and beneficial divorce settlement.

House Valuation For Divorce Purposes

Before you begin your house valuation for divorce purposes you will need to determine how much the house is worth. This can be done by an appraisal or by looking at the current real estate market for similar homes in your neighborhood that have recently been sold. If you are dealing with an estate agent they can provide this service for a fee. If you do not have an agent available, you can use the information that you find online to try and determine the value of the house on your own.

Once you have determined the house is worth what you believe it to be, the next step of the process is to figure out how much you can get from the house in a divorce settlement. You can get most, if not all, of your house’s equity by making a series of small equity exchanges with the house value appraised before the divorce was filed. These small exchanges will give you a small but steady stream of money to help you with your finances until your divorce settlement is finalized. These exchanges will also show your spouse that you were serious about wanting to get a fair and equitable divorce settlement.