Day: March 16, 2021

These Bird deterrents are life changerThese Bird deterrents are life changer

bird deterrents

Bird deterrents are those simple devices and/or products that help to prevent or reduce the population of any particular bird species in an area. Bird control is the general term for many methods to remove or deter bird species from nesting, roosting, landing and taking up residence in a specific location. These are birds that are usually pests (because they eat food, steal food or otherwise mess up your garden), but there are also many species that are simply part of the natural balance of the environment and can be, well…unpleasant, like woodpeckers. It’s important to note that the term ‘bird’ in the description above does NOT mean a single feathered bird, it refers to ANY bird species anywhere on the planet. So, how can we find the right bird deterrents?


A good method to use when trying to reduce the population of birds in your yard would be bird control devices that look like actual animal prey (like snakes) and act as physical barriers to keep birds away from your garden and other areas of your property. Bird deterrents like these can be anything from bird traps to netting to deterrent paint. Be sure to research each type to find out how effective it may be before deciding which is best for you.


The most important factor in selecting bird deterrents is to find one that is designed to be safe and effective. Don’t rely simply on what a bird may eat or on its ability to fly away. Birds can be clever, and besides eating and flying, they are social animals who need our help to survive. The more we can do to keep them from taking up residence where they don’t belong, the better off we’ll be. And in the meantime, there are plenty of bird deterrents around: from bells and whistles, to physical bird deterrents to the silent kill.

What Is Special about Architectural Heritage of Singapore?What Is Special about Architectural Heritage of Singapore?

Designing and conceptualising of buildings in Singapore have been an ongoing process since the colonialists arrived in the country and set up these constructions to serve a purpose. Now as an independent country, Singapore enjoys a dynamic and rapidly changing architectural tradition, which is reflected in our city’s skyline. Architectural wonders of the city is world renowned for the blend of modern technology with traditional values. The best of this can be found in our modern architectural heritage – a tradition which is still flourishing even today.  Click here For more info about the Architectural Heritage of Singapore.

About Architectural Heritage of Singapore

Singapore architects have a proud history of innovation and creativity which has seen them produce some amazing works of art, including the Esplanade, the Singapore Art Museum, the Singapore Botanical Gardens, the Singapore Science and Technology Museum, the Singapore Cultural Center, the Singapore Trade Parks and the Singapore Art Gallery. The great influx of manpower from other countries has greatly contributed to the well-established and growing pool of professionals. These include such diverse eminent personalities as Tan Ei Hoon, Wee Yean Een, Chiang Mai Tan, Wee Teow, Ion Orji, Wee Yean Ee, Wee Toh, and many others. The numerous contributions by these erstwhile colonizers and former residents have created a Singapore that is much more than a simple trading hub and a collection of concrete buildings. In fact, one can easily find an architect who is more into providing a creative and aesthetic design for the construction of man-made structures rather than concentrating on just commercial projects.

Architectural Heritage Singapore is a collection of buildings and monuments that form the very foundation of our national identity and economy. A good architect in this field will be able to integrate design aesthetics, technical aspects and affordability to create the perfect blueprint for a building. They are responsible for the blueprint and designs of our national institutions and also for designing the residential areas. This makes Singapore architects the most sought after specialists in the field of architecture in the world today.